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Let`s just say it this way ...

I had had a crush on this guy since last october.. he had a girlfriend ...but i still kept on dreamin about him ... the christmas holidays seemed 4ever.. hugging him for his birthday made me the happiest thing ever ... on january 26th there was a party ... i was dancin along ...suddenly we got closer n started dancin 2gether... i was like "OMG!", oh yeah by the way he had broken up with his gf about 1,5 months b4 ... well that week we just hugged 4 hello n goodbye ... that weekend ...well first friday we went 2 the movies... during the movie he leaned over and kissed me ... it was my first kiss ever ..and at first i thought that i passed out or somethin..i couldnt believe it was real... that saturday we were at a party ...and everybody was like "are u like bf and gf now?!" i guess we were :P it seemed totally awkwerd and i felt like the luckiest girl ... the following tuesday was valentines day ... i made a xxl heart shaped cookie for him ... and he bought me roses ... that afternoon he came over to my place and we had pizza n watched tv ... (and made out :D haha) ... everything seemed just wonderful... the week after that we watched Date Movie n had Hamburgers ... and made out whjile we were wachthin SpongeBob

10.4.07 13:18

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